Sports Camps

Each year Cherokee Recreation & Parks Agency goes above and beyond to provide our campers with a great camp experience.  We offer an array of opportunities that include, but not limited to all major sports interest in our community.  Help your aspiring athletes stay on top of their game or simply introduce them to a new sport.  To find the right summer camp for your child, check out the complete listing below for our camps.

Xplosive Speed & Agility Camp

Whether it is basketball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, baseball, football, etc. speed and agility are vital aspects of ALL sport success. Tomas and Jonas Motiejunas from Engineered Athletics, LLC grew up in basketball, baseball, football and track. They are All-American, National Champs and Hall of Fame Inductees from Georgia Tech in Track & Field. They ran the 400 meter and 4x400 meter relay and are ready to set your kids on the right path to becoming faster and more agile! Participants will be broken into groups by age and put through various stations designed to refine their technique and increase speed, strength and agility. Participants will be evaluated at the beginning and end of the week to determine improvement. Camp memento included! 

Camp is Monday - Thursday with Friday being a rain make-up day.

Contact: Lindsey Collett @ or 770-924-7768

Session NameEvent DateAges
June 24-27, 2019 6/24/2019 - 6/24/2019 6-15Register