Adventures Express Summer Camp

In 2019 Adventures Express Summer Camp is excited to offer parents a choice of two locations…the Recreation Center and the Holly Springs Elementary Gymnasium.

The Recreation Center will be split into two camps, Kindergarten(must have completed Kindergarten)-8 years old and 9-12 years old, accepting 50 kids for each per week. Holly Springs will be Kindergarten(must have completed Kindergarten)-12 years old, accepting 50 kids total per week.

All camps will venture out on two field trips weekly and have three in-house days. Weeks will be themed with daily activities ranging from arts and crafts, organized games, free play, bounce houses, outside playground, and much more! Campers need to bring a lunch, two snacks, hydrating drinks and a refillable water bottle daily along with sunscreen. Camp hours are 6:30-9am Drop-off, Camp Activities 9am-4pm, and 4-6:30pm Pick-up.

The cost is $150 weekly with a non-refundable deposit of $30 per week, per child due at the time of registration. For additional information, please see the CRPA Camp Policies.

Eligibility for early registration for Summer 2019 will be for children who attended 7 or more weeks of camp in summer 2018.

Contact Lauren Voss @